September 2013

posted 31 Aug 2013, 01:41 by Sunshine Coast Lodge Theosophical Society Australia   [ updated 21 Sept 2013, 00:08 ]
September 6th 
6pm (yes, that's 6pm) Ayervedic dinner event: India's healing cuisine of Ayervedic Cooking - Falu Eyre
Inspiring, delicious and vegetarian and oh so healthy. "You are what you eat, change your diet, change you!" Subjects covered: The Five Elements (Mahabhutas)
our constitution - three Doshas. Nutritional needs for each Dosha; Agni, the Fire of Life; Digestion and Gunas. How to turn your food into medicine. 
6pm start for an introduction followed by a demonstration of the cooking method.
Falu will talk about the subjects above, relating them to Theosophy put to practical use in our lives.
Come along and share the feast! Among these dishes will be : guacamole, home-made chips, dhal, corn in coconut, rice, pickles, raita, silk dessert.
Falu's book will also be on sale for $15

September 13th
7pm Numbers and you - Geoffrey Peckitt

September 20th
7pm Wesak Festival – Leoni Hodgson”

An esoteric insight into Gautama Buddha's life and how he continues to work with modern man today through the Wesak Festival. The information for this talk is based on writings from Helena Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, and Geoffrey Hodson.

September 27th
7pm Myths, Archetypes and the Wisdom of the Soul – Barbara Hayward. Myths help us to understand life and how to live it.  This weaving of ancient tales, told in an easy to understand form, can illustrate life issues such as becoming an individual, love and relationships, position and power and help us in our search for spiritual fulfillment. One of the great healing functions of myth is to show us that we are not alone with our feelings, fears, conflicts and aspirations - giving us hope where there is none.  As children, we are introduced to life through fairy tales - told as bedtime stories - but as we get older and life becomes more complex we need different stories.  In mythology, gods and goddesses are the characters that illustrate the archetypes that model basic structures of what a mother, father, hero/heroine is, for example.