May 2013

posted 15 Apr 2013, 06:17 by Sunshine Coast Lodge Theosophical Society Australia   [ updated 9 May 2013, 00:08 ]

May 3rd

7pm  "Understanding ‘Me’ " Francois Billy

"How we understand ourselves determines the way we understand the world and how we feel and behave in this world. We identify ourselves with some aspects of our life.  What are the implications of this identification: the fear of death, the need to compare, to judge, the requirement to submit to God. If we want to free ourselves of torments, to be serene Is this the best way to apprehend reality or is there an alternative?    

May 10th

6.30pm White Lotus Day

Dinner followed by talk 'Contemplation on Gita': approaches to the theory of Change.'. Elina Juusola

The talk will explore the psychology of change as a new discipline and it's relationship to the transformation in the Gita. 

Blavatsky wrote in her SD that we all need to study psychology and we can now clearly see the shift in how people approach transformation both inwards and outwards. 

May 17th 

7 pm Some Sacred Places of France and Germany – From Mary Magdalene to Hildegard von Bingen- Geoffrey & Carolyn Harrod 

(illustrated by photos taken last year on our travels together with Noel and Marie Bertelle) 

Mary Magdalene’s remains in Provence, and her mountain-top sanctuary;  remnants of the Visigoth Arian religion and the Cathar extermination;  the modern revival of interest in pilgrim trails, ancient monasteries and a recently re-activated one; Hildegard’s convent at Bingen and her early years at the rural abbey of Disibodiberg  

May 24th

7pm Relationships : Lazar Novakovitch

an interactive  session with Lazar


May 31st

7pm An evening with TED 

film selections from a global movement embracing ideas worth sharing.  The top ‘classic ‘ talks, covering rethinking the mind,  reincarnation,  education and creativity, human history in 18mins, reshaping worldview