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keep the link unbroken - HPB's last words

*******Due to deteriorating weather conditions forecast, this evening's (Friday) event has been deferred

Stay warm, stay safe and see you soon..

Friday May 1st 7pm "kissing the black dog-the missing link" wayne ellis

Natural healthy solutions to mental/emotional stress, usually called depression and anxiety. Each and every one of us is facing a rapidly changing world, a one where those who seek control over others or those working with others is in a delicate balance.-dancing on the razor’s edge of reality. Sometimes it is the simple things done well that makes the real difference. Life is an amazing gift when we have the courage to paint with the full gamut of our natural gifts

Due to deteriorating weather conditions forecast, this evening's (Friday) event has been deferred

Stay warm, stay safe and see you soon..******

White Lotus Day

Friday May 8th 7pm "White Lotus Day - Esther Pockrandt"

Keep the link unbroken - HelenaPetrovaBlavatsky's last words..Come along this evening to learn more about her remarkable legacy..

Friday May 14th 7pm
"Gurdjieff & the Surmoung Brotherhood .Paul Robb"
An evening exploring Gurdjieff, transformative, mysterious, innovative.. he took the the early 20th century occult world by storm. What was his relationship to the mysterious Surmoung Brotherhood and what did he learn from this hidden brotherhood that be could take out to the broader world? The location of this order of mystics and what do we know was their history?

Friday May 22nd 7pm   

Crop Circles - Kate Dash

Kate Dash presents her very popular talk on Crop Circles..Come along to hear about her research & experiences & enjoy the beautiful images...

All welcome :)

Friday May 29th 7pm

"Ancient origins - Ashtara discussion

In the wider body of Theosophical thought, the Lords of the Flame came from Venus 16 million years ago. These travelers brought with them the seed of mind and the potential for ancient man to self-reflect.
A.E Powell’s compilations describe the movement of conscious before its’ arrival on Earth and it’s progressions through various species during it’s time here . 
Ancient Peruvian flight paths, American remote viewers, life on Mars & more..

For further information phone Ailsa 07-5470 2656 or Janet 0416 442962

Study groups starting soon   

  • An intuitive approach to the Seven Stanzas of Dzyan
  • Understanding Psychism
  • Practical Guide to Meditation
  • An introduction to the Mahatma Letters 
  • Self-culture in the Light of Ancient Wisdom - Barry's study group

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