March 2015

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Friday March 6th 2015 

7pm The Axial Age  with Basil Groves - Are we moving towards an Axial Age ?"" 

The last Axial Age (800-200 BCE) was characterized by accelerating technological innovation, political instability, intensified warfare (as an outcome of general intercultural interaction intensification), and the emergence of new spiritual conceptualizations in 4 largely separated civilizations: Greece, Israel, India and China, including the rise of the “national” state and the spiritual traditions that continue to dominate Greek philosophy, monotheism, Hinduism and Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism. . 

Where are we today? - Martin Armstrong’s exploration of Cycles and how the  PI CYCLE fits into future outcomes -  is amplified by his massive computer data base and ability to manage equally vast portfolios - investment and otherwise. 

What are the implications of AxialAge2, as a globalising shaping phenomenon, particularly for the worldview, belief systems, financial cycles and forms of government now emerging.

Friday March 13th  

7pm  "The Tibetan view on Living and Dying - Anna Robb - dying tibetan style

Death is certain, the time of death is uncertain and the only thing that can help us at the time of our death is our mental/spiritual development. 
Understand : 
-the true meaning of life, how to accept death, and how to help the dying, and the dead. 
-the process of dying - the physiological stages of death revolve around changes in winds, channels and drops - the 8 cycles of dissolution 
-how to help someone who is dying, practically and emotionally amd spiritually / the Practices for the Dying / the profound experiences that can occur at the moment of death / 
-what happens in the intermediate state after death and 
-how to help someone who has already died and the process of bereavement. 

Friday March 20th

7pm "Our 'lucky dip extraordinary selections' evening"  

This evening will be a random selection from selected short DVDs, Vincent Bridges,an Occult Personality, an interactive play, 
news from our daily theosophy newspaper, music, poetry, and if there's time, a few extracts from occult fiction.. 
If you have something (theosophical) to share - 3-5 mins max please bring it along. :)

Friday March 27th

“Search for the Inner Self- Barry Bowden"
It has been said the Higher Self has no cogniscience of the senses. 
How then do we come into contact with the silent speaker!
There has to be a rearrangement to our mode of living. 
We need to learn how to think and feel for our self. 

This brings the power of stillness - the gateway to the eternal  

Gold coin donation always appreciated

The RSL / CWA Hall, 123 poinciana drive, tewantin.

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"THERE IS A ROAD, steep and thorny, beset with perils of every kind, but yet a Road. And it leads to the very heart of the universe..." 

So wrote H. P. Blavatsky about the metaphorical road that leads to enlightenment