June 2015

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******** Study groups sign-on closing June26th *******

An intuitive approach to the Seven Stanzas of Dzyan

Understanding Psychism

Practical Guide to Meditation

An introduction to the Mahatma Letters

The Myths of our Lives

Cognitive Liberty & Ethics 

Self-culture in the Light of Ancient Wisdom - (Barry)

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CWA/RSL Hall, 123 Poinciana Drive, Tewantin

Friday June 5th"

7pm “Kissing the Black Dog - Wayne Ellis"

Natural healthy solutions to mental/emotional stress, usually called depression and anxiety. Each and every one of us is facing a rapidly changing world,dancing on the razor’s edge of reality. Sometimes it is the simple things done well that makes the real difference. Life is an amazing gift when we have the courage to paint with the full gamut of our natural gifts

Friday June 12th

7pm "The Kogi Tribe of Columbia and their worldview - paul robbT"

The Kogi base their lifestyles on their belief in "Aluna" or "The Great Mother," their creator figure, whom they believe is the force behind nature. The Kogi understand the Earth to be a living being, and see humanity as its "children." They say that our actions of exploitation, devastation, and plundering for resources is weakening "The Great Mother" and leading to our destruction.
Like many other indigenous tribes, the Kogi people honor a holy mountain which they call "Gonawindua," otherwise known as Pico Cristóbal Colón. They believe that this mountain is "The Heart of the World" and they are the "Elder Brothers" who care for it.[5] They also say that the outside civilization is the "Younger Brothers" who were sent away from The Heart of the World long ago.

Friday June 19th

7pm "The Un-people"- discussion / presentation / supper evening"

Unpeople are those whose lives are seen as expendable in the pursuit of economic and political goals. The term has been used to refer to millions of people in poor countries who are marginalised or entirely absent from media coverage - they are a faceless spreading mass.
These groups can become catalysts to drive deep systemic far-reaching change. Are you an 'un'..?

This meet-up is designed to expand our awareness deepening, enriching and transforming our understanding and appreciation of  life in this world.

Friday June 26th

7pm “A Theosophical Evening"

Come along and listen to 2015 Theosophical Society Convention highlights about theosophy, self culture the future of humanity.. join in the discussion, worth-a-read book reviews,, study group sign-ons & a light supper.. love to see you there...

***** barry bowden (from toowoomba), our scheduled speaker has deferred to August ***** 

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***** children welcome *****

Look forward to seeing you!  


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