July 2017

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July 7th - 

5pm at the RSL/CWA Hall - update and moving forward with the group's plans.                                                                              

 5.30pm down at the Marina for fish and chips and, then, 2nd time around :), into the evening for a 

7pm Breathing - making the world breathe better, one breath at a time and making friends 

with your  'inner dolphin'.

The fastest way to personally achieve results is by learning from the best in the world, people who have dedicated 

their life to achieving and mastering their chosen craft".. Learn techniques the best in the world use, understand the 

power of the breath and how it can both reduce stress and heal the body and mind. Rewire your nervous system.

 experience this amazing body of yours and live a full life while you are here!. How to challenge, on your terms, 

 both your mind and body to explore what it is capable of.                                

A deep dive into the 3rd Object - exploring our latent powers..

July 14th - 

This week we meet as usual on Friday evening - looking forward to seeing you :)

Friday 14th July 

5.30pm down at the Marina for fish and chips 

and, then, 


CWA / RSL Hall

123 Poinciana Drive, Tewantin

‘Atlantis, Lemuria, Root Races’ and Why do they matter!:  Kerry Oldfield

Kerry joined the Theosophical Society in the late 80’s.  He has a keen interest in The 

Ancient Wisdom Teachings, 

The Masters and the relevance of Theosophy to human progress/evolution of consciousness

July 21st - Death, reincarnation  and karma - circle discussion and talk
July 28th- Theosophia, liquid crystals and leaps of courage..