July 2016

posted 24 May 2016, 22:31 by Sunshine Coast Lodge Theosophical Society Australia   [ updated 27 Jul 2016, 06:14 ]

1st July
Traditional Mayan Astrology - Mayan calendar systems - Krissie Kalteis" -
it's prophesies - unique daily qualities - Guatemala & much more through a theosophical lens,
moving through our 3 Objects.

8th July
7pm "Stained Glass Windows of a Church made without Hands - Russell Sturgess - part 2"

Understanding why the earliest set of Trump images of the tarot emerged during the 14th century in Northern Italy gives important clues to their original purpose. Tonight is the 2nd of a fascinating two-part discussion about the images of the Major Arcane of the Marseille Tarot. For those of you who missed the 1st session, Russell will give recap briefly before exploring the images and their potential. 

Russell lived in Italy while he researched and wrote his book, Metanoia, about this. From the mysteries hidden in plain sight Russell developed a mentoring model which is the foundation to his lifework.. Russell has presented at international tarot conferences in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, France, England and USA

15th July 
7pm The Power of Breath - Kevin Thompson

22nd July
7pm Heaven and Back - Bob Lawrence - Proof of Heaven"
Bob shares his current research and a few tips and ‘jewels’ he’s gleaned along the way in  his exploration of an account 
of a doctors extraordinary and thought-provoking experience. Bobs theosophical knowledge and wisdom enhances this 
evenings focus through a theosophical lens

29th July 
7pm  Being Nobody Going Nowhere - Paul Robb
Finding Non-local Essence as Diffuse Being.
When the dualistic personality we claim to be ,holds and nurtures the flowering of the 
diffuse elements of the Theosophical Monad , we begin to realise,
Being Nobody and Going Nowhere is the start of the Road less travelled......