july 2015

posted 2 Jul 2015, 21:37 by Sunshine Coast Lodge Theosophical Society Australia   [ updated 30 Jul 2015, 20:11 ]

Study groups are underway - if you registered your interest in a study group / groups, we will been emailing out to you.

If you haven't been receiving our emails, please let us know so we can include you..:)

Friday July 3rd
7pm  "remote viewing..Steve & Mel"
Two very experienced remote viewers will be taking us through the protocols and procedures. They bring many facets to the remote viewing session as they have worked privately and for various organisations.
The exploration of information flows from the nominally non-exist parts of the brain/mind continuum has always been at the Heart of the Theosophical quest. The unknown beckons the mind like honey to the bee.
What will you learn about the unknown side of your own nature when you attend this session ?
Well that's up to you, but if you don't come you won't know

Friday July 10th

5.15 for a 5.30 start Meditation

7pm “Why can't I find myself - Deb Myles"

Deb, poet extraordinaire, will expand your awareness, deepen your understanding, enhance enjoyment of life in this world and leave you with a smile in your step..

All welcome :) 

Friday July 17th

7pm "Ancient Wisdom embedded in Crop Circles - Grant Harrison" 

From the first... crop circles have always communicated.Why do crop circles take the form of religious icons across the world as well as hinting at the Ancient Mysteries..?Their form is fascinating. What’s special about the 14th August?

The 2002 Crabwood crop circle is well-documented about its message- what else lies hidden in the disc? 

Explore the world of meta-lingual archaeology this Friday with Grant...

*****Our 1st Theosophy Long Weekend of the Year *****

Meditation.!! Compassion / Initiation / Self-culture / the nature of Unity.:)

Friday July 24th

5.17pm for a 5.30pm start Meditation - week 2

7pm "Initiation - Tony Petcopoulos"

One of our most popular regular Brisbane visitors, and a 2nd generation TS member for over 40 years,Tony  presents his latest research and experience on Initiation.. higher dimensions and how to know that you are on the path.. 

love to see you there...

****children welcome *****


Saturday 25th July - 10am-12am...

Self Culture - occasional Saturday morning - Barry Bowden

Preparation for this first Saturday morning is to read the preface (as per the following link) of Self Culture in the Light of  Occultism. (the way of self-discovery) By Taimni
***this is a pre-requisite to attending..***

Please email us or ph/sms 0416 442962 if you have been unable to access the link to the the text.

Friday July 31st 

5.17pm for a 5.30pm start Meditation - week 3

7pm "An Evening with Helen Sutherland"

The world of Kahuna and much much more.:)
This evening holds a few surprises* and will give you tools and skills to enhance enjoyment of your life
We'd love to see you there...***** children welcome too *****

For further information phone Janet 0416-442962, Ailsa 07-5470 2656 or Paul 07-5494 2638