August 2016

posted 24 May 2016, 22:32 by Sunshine Coast Lodge Theosophical Society Australia   [ updated 17 Aug 2016, 22:16 ]

*** Memberships due first week September *** 

August 5th 
7pm “Brazil - Rio de Janeiro has many Wisdom streams, from Top to Bottom. 
What has Rio taught us theosophically?” 

What messages have we heard? Discussion on Rio's contribution to Earth's  Wisdom consciousness. 

Elements that we know about and aspects we may have missed .Could you live comfortably in a Brazilian Psyche.

August 12th 7pm The Eternal Numbers of Consciousness Part I - Grant Harrison. Grant shares his latest research around the science of consciousness as revealed by the ancient mysteries. Tonight he looks at the numbers 0,1,3,4,8,10, infinity and their relationship with Oneness, the double torus and kundalini - optional -bring a small plate of food to share over a cuppa

August 19th Theosophy and the World around us - what is magic, what is real”...the science of meditation, and exploring our latent powers.. SunYoga - Sunyogi Umasankar moves with the unhurried and dignified grace of a natural yogi.He is slightly built with clear skin ,quick bright eyes ,and Knot of shinny black hair the top of his head .For a man who has not eaten in ten years he glows with vitality and good health. ‘’I stopped eating on August 17th 1996’’ he says,adding that aside from food he needs neither water or sleep . ‘‘All the energy I need I get from the Sun .’Before the Himalayan Snows .

Everest represents the feminine aspect of earth power. At the summit there appears a symbolic form of the Goddess Mother of the World , seated on the lotus throne .Through robed in power ,deep blue without ,indigo within ,she is motionless, poised in consciousness . . . Kunchinjunga represents the positive aspects of earth power and above it hovers the mountain god . . . The Gods await the conscious re-union of the mind of man with the universal mind .Humanity awakens slowly.Matter-blinded through the centuries, few men as yet perceive What binds the Yogi and the Mountain Gods?optional -bring a small plate of food to share over a cuppa

August 26th 7pm The Eternal Numbers of Consciousness Part 2 - Grant Harrison"  eternal numbers and their esoteric. Correspondence.. All number, alphabets and symbol are intertwined and reveal profound knowledge of ourselves and our connection to the Oneness of Creation...

For further information phone  Paul 07-5494 2638 or Ailsa 07-54702656 or Janet 0416-442962