August 2015

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This week in theosophy we explore meditation/endocrine system / chakras / ..  

RSL / CWA Hall, 123 Poinciana Ave, Tewantin

Friday August 7th

5.17pm for a 5.30pm start Meditation - week 4

7pm "A Theosophy Evening- The endocrine glands and the seven chakras - Mike Vallis" 

Mike Vallis is visiting from Melbourne TS Lodge and is guiding us through an interesting topic this evening...

Lots of 'take-homes' to apply in your life. 

This week in theosophy we explore meditation /self-culture / the influence of mystics / functional perspectives ..

NoosaT - RSL/CWA Hall, 123 Poinciana Drive, Tewantin

Friday August 14th

5.17pm for a 5.30pm start Meditation - week 5

7pm "The impact of various mystics on our lives" - Rupert Sheldrake, graham Hancock, Geoffrey Hodson, Babaji & more..

This evening is a combination of video and discussion challenging paradigms and redefining existing values for a more beautiful world.

*****"Global Consciousness program - Basil Groves" has been deferred to September*****


Our annual Membership Day ..

Sunday 16th August 12pm-3pm@ Nelson Park, Alexandra Headlands

Jim, an outstanding community worker, will be giving a talk on AA and spirituality..bring a baby photo, favourite book, poem and some food to share.. bbq available.

.ph Joanna  07-5479 6067 / 0422-944 075 or Janet 0416-442962 for details..

This week in theosophy we explore study program overview / search for the inner self / transformative mindfulness / cycles & self-culture / Maleny on Sunday pm ../

Friday August 21st

*** 5.17pm for a 5.30pm study session resumes 1st week September***

7pm "Transformative Mindfulness (TMM) with Ruth Donnelly-The Wisdom of the Embodied Mind.." 

This transpersonal therapy method for self healing integrates the wisdom of ancient teachings with modern psychotherapeutic techniques.

Ruth, a holistic counsellor in Maleny, will introduce TMM and guide you through the foundation exercise of TMM.

Ruth’s website

Transformative Mindfulness website

Stay for a chat and a light supper afterwards.

As always, we'd love to see you there..

Saturday 22nd August 


Saturday 22nd August -

Cycles & Self Culture - occasional Saturday morning - Barry Bowden..

10am-12pm, then stay for lunch ...please bring a plate of food to share..

Preparation for this second Saturday morning is to read the 1st section of Self Culture in the Light of  Occultism. (the way of self-discovery) By Taimni..

The preface is in this link

***** separate email will go out with more details regarding this.. ***** sms / ph Janet 0416 442962

This week in theosophy we explore  / global consciousness program-EGG project/ never giving up on your dreams / the secret of the torah../

Friday August 28th

*** 5.17pm for a 5.30pm study session resumes 1st week September - "Myths of our Lives"***

7pm "Dolores Cannon-Never Give Up On Your Dreams- Kaelana!"

In the face of prolonged extraordinary circumstances, Dolores opened her heart and mind and never ever gave up..Author of 18 metaphysical books including the 'Conversations with Nostradamus’ trilogy, pioneer as a hypnotherapist of Past Life Regression in the 1960’s, worked for the US military regressing suspected UFO abductees, UFO researcher for 20 years, founder of 'Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy’...Warm your heart, open your mind with Kaelana (& Dolores in Spirit).

RSL / CWA Hall, 123 Poinciana Ave, Tewantin                                                                                                                                                                                 

For further information phone Janet 0416-442962, or Ailsa 07-54702656 or Paul 07-5494 2638