April 2016

posted 28 Mar 2016, 22:01 by Sunshine Coast Lodge Theosophical Society Australia   [ updated 24 Apr 2016, 16:48 ]

April 1st

7pm TS fieldwork - world cafe style - open evening”

Deep dive exploration of TS themes and concepts - clairvoyance case studies and diagnosis, supersensory powers - guidelines, worldviews, karma.

Interactive, experiential, group discussion and much more :)

**** optional – please bring a plate of finger food to share for 'evening supper' ****

See you there !

Friday April 8th

7pm “Theosophy - open evening – 3rd object”

Deep dive exploration of TS themes and concepts - supersensory powers, guidelines & simple life skill 'hacks' ,rejuvenating yoga exercises, worldviews, elevating the human condition, karma - Interactive, experiential, group discussion and more :)💥 

Friday April 15th

7pm “Theosophy - what is magic, what is real"

- 27 min video on  mind control and living in the matrix,.looking at aliens around the world, going beyond two levels of reality and existence, the mind of God and laws of attraction, the pyramids and transcending death, fish gods, reptilians, and the great hoax over humanity, hypnosis and trance on a global level
- discussion 
and.. if there's time..  
- The 12 sets of twin characteristics, complementary anifestations, to be mastered towards Egyptian Initiation

Friday 22nd April

7pm “The Physics of Crystals with Les Brown" Les Brown was a leading researcher of crystals and the power of geometry to affect the physical world.
This might be called shaper power, biogeometry or aetheric science. His  documentary on the power of crystals remains one of the best resources on the subject ever produced. This rare documentary takes a look at the true nature of magnetism, electricity and gravity. crystals, physics of a fractal universe, spin on orbiting bodies, pyramids and how to make one to grow large crops

Friday April 29th 

7pm “Deep-dive into the 3rd object  to investigate unexplained laws of Nature and the powers latent in man “

We continue our April evenings intended to provide food for thought to nurture our individual exploration. 

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky has noted that t a “new kind of mental effort (of being) calls for something very different

 — the carving out of ‘new brain paths’

**** optional – please bring a plate of finger food to share for 'evening supper' **** 

Come along and share the evening's experience
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