August 2017

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Buderim Programme August/September 2017

Thursdays at 7.00pm Croquet Club, Syd Lingard Drive, Buderim



03 AUG  

Elina Juusola

Ignorance or Bliss: Scam versus Empowerment                                     




10 AUG

Peter Schultz                                                                               

The Inner Observer – Love(r) of Life

Peter will explore recent scientific studies in this area and their Links to ancient wisdom particularly: Nisagaddatta Maharaj – “I am that”

“When I see that I’m nothing, that is WISDOM.

When I know that I’m everything, that is LOVE

Between these two my life turns”


17 AUG


Dara Tatray                                                                    Our National Secretary, Dara Tatray, will be visiting our lodge on Thursday 17Aug . During her visit we will be hosting two additional events.
August 17th - Dara Tatray - National Theosophical Society Secretary -
5.45pm for a 6pm dinner
Please bring plate of vegetarian fare for a pot luck supper prior to:
7pm keynote - 'Inner Freedom as a Means and Goal' t
the Art of the Impossible
Throughout the works of Plato and his followers, as throughout the Vedas of ancient India, we can see a two-fold ethic: an ethic for all consisting of the practical virtues which are supposed to be the province of politics; and another for the philosopher, centred on the possibility of liberation or moksha. For the latter, the freedom that is essential above all else is inner freedom, an indispensable prerequisite if we are to be outwards free.

All welcome.- love to see you there :). 
Friday 18th August 
10 April Court, Maroochydore 
9.45am for 10.00am start 
A members only informal Q & A meeting with Dara. 

Dara will speak briefly on headquarter's new marketing plan, plus answering any of your questions. 
The meeting will conclude at 12.00 noon. 
Morning tea will be provided by our Committee. 
Please check our facebook page on Thursday for any updates.. 



24 AUG   

DVD Samadhi – Maya the Illusion of the Self                               

This 2017 Movie Samadhi Part 1 is the first instalment in a series of films exploring Samadhi. Samadhi is an ancient Sanskrit word which points toward the mystical or transcendent union that is the root of all spirituality and self-inquiry.  The saints, sages and awakened beings throughout history have all learned from the wisdom of self surrender.




31 AUG  

Heather Myers                                                                              

“Who are the Quakers” Heather will give an informal explanatory talk followed by a question and answer time.



 07 SEP  

Tony Petcopoulos                                                                        

The Heart Chakra – Doorway to the soul and seat of cosmic consciousness. 

Outline of the importance of the heart as an esoteric centre throughout the world. 

Outline of the impact of opening the Heart Centre

Outline of techniques to open the Heart Centre

Two Meditations to open the heart Centre

There will be handouts of some of the information in this presentation.



14 SEP

Philippa Rooke

The Buddha’s Eight Fold Plan to Enlightenment                                                

This talk follows on from a previous presentation on “The Noble Eightfold Path”. This path is essentially that which leads the practitioner from the everyday mind of the prejudices, self-centeredness and opinion, to the liberated mind; the mind of clear seeing.



21 SEP

The Theosophical Symbols                                                                         

Tonight a panel will discuss the significance and importance of the symbols on our Theosophical logo

Panel: Warren Fraser –      Ouroboros/Serpent.    Grant Harrison  – Whirling Cross/Swastika

            Glyni Cumming  -    Ankh.                           Kevin Thompson – Om/Yoga

            Joyce Thompson – The  Two Triangles/The Star of David

 28 SEP

Library evening with visiting author Leoni Hodgson.
This is the 2nd Evening in our 2017 Library series and will inspire much food for thought.
This evening's Book Reviews will be led by Leoni Hodgson talking about her books, 
"Om-Union through Astrology", and 

"Journey of the Soul", followed by interactive discussions on the book content and the Ancient Wisdom Teachings. 

There will be time to browse amongst our inspiring Esoteric Books and Videos, which are available for loan.

 **** Date reminder : AGM for our Sunshine Coast Lodge will be held last Thursday evening in November - 30th  ****            


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