September 2013

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September 5th 
7pm The importance of health in the spiritual journey - Juan Carlos                                                                                                                               Juan has a deep interest in theosophy and is a natural medicine practitioner specialising in homeopathy

September 12th 
7pm "Perceptual Clarity and the Fire Element"
If you imagine a circle with a small flame at the centre, we could call that the personality and it's world.  If we imagine a circle with a larger flame we might begin to touch intuitively on the dimensions of the Soul (remember St Teresa of Avila's Interior Castle?). What has happened is our perceptual clarity has improved, witht he increase in the fire element and, dimensional depth is added.
Thursday evening, we will be exploring a small number of themes, taking each independently in discussion for ten minutes and then meditating on the intellectual threads, developed in silence for five minutes to pick up new directional flows, ie thoughts, images and intuitions.
When the short meditation ends, we then share our thoughts in open discussions, fine the intellectual threads we can take back into meditative silence so as to receive continuing intuitive insight.
This technique is called an Exploration meditation as it allows us to oscillate between Beta Activity (14-50 HZ) and Theta (4-7 HZ).
Beta (waking, mento-emotional thinking and Theta (imaginative picture making).
As we move between the two types of enquiry, the two types of brain activities work together to product some stunning results and the direction of the discussion is never where you think it going to go.
Dare to enter the unknown!

September 19th                                                                                                                                                                                                            7pm The Journey West- The Influence of the One Upon the Many- Diane Kynaston, National Speaker for The Theosophical Society                        This talk is centred around the life of a Chinese Buddhist monk of the 7th century, whose adventures and achievements still resonate in today's world. It explores the fact that in fulfilling one's Dharma the karmic consequences of one's actions affect not only those around us, but can reverberate through time and throughout many cultures.  It is quite a fascinating subject.

September 26th
*** library night ***
7pm Myths, Archetypes and the Wisdom of the Soul – Barbara Hayward. Myths help us to understand life and how to live it.  This weaving of ancient tales, told in an easy to understand form, can illustrate life issues such as becoming an individual, love and relationships, position and power and help us in our search for spiritual fulfillment. One of the great healing functions of myth is to show us that we are not alone with our feelings, fears, conflicts and aspirations - giving us hope where there is none.  As children, we are introduced to life through fairy tales - told as bedtime stories - but as we get older and life becomes more complex we need different stories.  In mythology, gods and goddesses are the characters that illustrate the archetypes that model basic structures of what a mother, father, hero/heroine is, for example.