October 2012, Buderim

posted 29 Sept 2012, 19:36 by Sunshine Coast Lodge Theosophical Society Australia

Thu 04 Oct
Co-Creating a Future of Harmony and Alignment: Pratika Kshemya
After spending nearly 20 years studying with Indian spiritual master Sri Chinmoy, Pratika talks about how his life has changed. There are universal truths of harmony that we intuitively know, yet seldom embody. How do we access these wisdoms and what does that mean for the future of our planet?

Thu 11 Oct
A Soul’s Growth Through Evolution and How it is Reflected in the Aura: Barry Bowden

Looking at the growth of the human being through the long ages, and how the aura begins to look like living fire once evolution gets going. Also looking at the thought forms that correlate with each of the auras. Barry is a National speaker with the Theosophical Society.

Sat 13 Oct
Members Only Meeting: 'The Esoteric Side of TS Meetings - Effects of Participants and Invisible Helpers’ by Barry Bowden.
Barry will talk about the hidden effects of Lodge meetings, influenced by those attending as well as those invisible to us. He will also cover the work the Society does in the world, its Dharma, and the deeper principles of the Society. Arrivals from 11:30am, 12:00 lunch, 1:00pm onwards for talk. Please bring a plate of vegetarian food to share. Enquiries phone Penny Houghton 5453 7595.

Thu 18 Oct
What is Enlightenment, and Where do we Find it?: Sumi Kinsela

Sumi shares his journey on the Path, searching for the elusive, spending time with the Sufis and Hare Krishnas along the way. Hear his story, and feel welcome to share some of your own personal tales.

Thu 25 Oct
Beliefs- Shaping our Reality and Life Experience: Tony Petcopoulos
How our beliefs are built and the impact they have on our genetics - re Bruce Lipton’s "Biology of Beliefs". The impact that our beliefs have on our heart centre re Heartmaths. Learn techniques to identify faulty beliefs and how to change them. The linkage between quantum physics beliefs and our connection to the "FIELD, DIVINE MATRIX, UNIVERSE". Can nutrition affect our spiritual life?  And can our level of consciousness affect what we eat? The important of right diet has been spoken about in almost all spiritual traditions.  What we eat appears to be both affected by and have an effect on our consciousness. This talk will explore various perspectives on food and nutrition such as the ayurvedic, raw food and metabolic typing approaches.