November 2015

posted 30 Sept 2015, 00:31 by Sunshine Coast Lodge Theosophical Society Australia   [ updated 18 Nov 2015, 12:23 ]

November 5th

5.17pm for a 5.30pm start  study session

7pm "An evening with Barry Bowden"

The future destiny of humanity...

Humanity is far from a finished product at the moment.We will look at the past from where we came from, the present and also the future.. deep space, scalar time.. flex your mind, body and heart..

November 12th

5.17pm for a 5.30pm start  study session

7pm "What Theosophy Terms mean to Me – Bob Lawrence” Join us for an evening navigating theosophical worldviews with Bob at the helm. Learn first-hand about some of the wonderful ''gifts' and stumbling blocks too as Bob generously shares with us his current research and a few tips and ‘jewels’ he’s gleaned along the way in his theosophical exploration.Bob is a long-term theosophist and our Sunshine Coast Lodge Treasurer. :) 

November 19th

7pm  Service without Self - TOS in Cambodia” a special evening tonight sharing the highlights of the TOS October 2015 trip to Cambodia and the background of this wonderful organisation. For those of you who have been following this amazing adventure on facebook you will know this was an incredible experience for all of those who participated.                                             

 *** library this week ***  

November 26th Annual Convention / AGM / supper / 7pm presentation

Annual Convention / AGM 2015 

Our annual AGM is scheduled for the 26th November 2015 at the Buderim Croquet Club, Syd Lingard Drive

Please arrive early from 5.30pm onwards for a 5.45pm sharp start when the doors will be closed until the meeting is completed.

This will be followed by our regular meeting at 7pm when the new Committee for 2016 will be introduced and some members of the present Committee farewelled.  

7pm Clairvoyant Investigations of Pre-historic Ape-man’   by Peter Urbahn

A presentation based on the stunning and unique research undertaken by Theosophist Geoffrey Hodson while in South Africa under the guidance of a professional palaeontologist.

The presentation includes an explanation of clairvoyance and its applications and includes actual sound recordings of Hodson’s descriptions while in a yogic state as he observed ape-man families from two million years ago

All welcome :) - children too... 

For further information phone Janet 0416-442962 or Paul 07-5494 2638