November 2012, Buderim

posted 3 Nov 2012, 18:39 by Sunshine Coast Lodge Theosophical Society Australia   [ updated 20 Mar 2013, 11:23 ]
Thu 01 Nov *Special time of 6:00 PM
Ayurvedic dinner event: India’s healing cuisine of Ayurvedic Cooking’ by Falu Eyre
Inspiring, delicious and vegetarian and oh so healthy. "You are what you eat, change your diet, change you!" Subjects covered: The Five elements (Mahabhutas); Your constitution - three Doshas, Nutritional needs for each Dosha; Agni, the fire of Life; Digestion and Gunas. How to turn your daily food into medicine. 6pm start for an introduction followed by a demonstration of the cooking method. Falu will talk about the subjects above, relating them to Theosophy put to practical use in our lives. Come along and share the feast! Among these dishes will be: guacamole, home made chips, dhal, corn in coconut, rice, pickles, raita, silk dessert. Falu’s book will also be on sale for $15.

Thu 08 Nov
'Poverty, Wealth and the Spiritual Path' by Simon O’Rourke (National Speaker)

For the individual, why is poverty often associated with the Path and Spirituality?  Is there Karma associated with wealth and position?  For nations, HP Blavatsky and Annie Besant spoke about a spiritual impetus affecting especially western nations in the last quarter of each century.  What are the parallel financial and economic implications for humanity?

Thu 15 Nov 
'Sacred Geometry in the Golden Age' by Simone Matthews, co-founder of Universal Life Tools
Join Simone for an evening of connecting with Sacred Geometry, to understand how we can be conscious and active participants in creating a world filled with peace, love, compassion, reverence for life, and divine unity in our diversity – ‘The Golden Age’. Simone will cover the following topics during the evening: Overview of the Creation Story through Sacred Geometry, Understanding ‘us’ as a fractal, or spark of the ALL, Tools to awaken your DNA, and be the change from the inside out, Group meditation/healing through Sacred Geometry.

Thu 22 Nov
'The Hero’s Adventure' - A Joseph Campbell DVD (Part 1 of 6).
Linking the mystical heroic figure to our own life adventure. Joseph Campbell’s teachings bring together aspects of anthropology, psychology and theology in a very persuasive and all-encompassing vision of our existence that starts from the myths of antiquity – the myths that exist almost unchanged in all the major religions.

Thu 29 Nov 
Annual General Meeting (6:00 PM) and Christmas dinner (6:30 PM)
Come and welcome your new committee. Please bring along a Christmassy plate of vegetarian food to share and help celebrate this occasion in a joyous Christmas spirit, and dress up for the occasion! A wonderful way to finish the year! *Please note the AGM is for members only.