May 2016

posted 2 May 2016, 22:02 by Sunshine Coast Lodge Theosophical Society Australia   [ updated 30 May 2016, 16:21 ]
Thursday May 5th 

6pm Members and friends presentation - White Lotus Day - Janet Blake

The anniversary of the death of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical SocietyHPB was a world-famous figure of mystery and controversy and a leading intellect behind the occult revival in the West. This is one celebration all theosophical organisations have in common..

:) bring a plate of food to share..:)

 7pm “Awareness and Mindfulness. What's the difference? - Russell Sturgess

Put simply, if you are aware of what isn't serving you, 

you will be more mindful to choose what does. 

So if it's that easy, why do we keep suffering?

Be well, be clear, be happy, be free. 

Russell travels internationally speaking on this topic and enhancing awareness.


Thursday May 12th

7pm "The importance of  Service - BeverleyParker and Jean Carroll"

The wisdom tradition and the world’s religious institutions stress that mere words and knowledge are of little use without action. Come along and see how we can all make a difference in our world. Focus on tonights talk will be on education and its results, specifically the Olcott School (India) and the Golden Link College (Philippines).💞

Thursday May 19th

7pm “Let’s talk Metaphysically - Carmen French"- Energy healing - the power of thought coming from the heart. 

Carmen presents an evening on a topic dear to her heart 💛

Thursday May 26th

7pm "To investigate Powers Latent in the Human Being - Peter Schultz".

Peter is coming from Toowoomba for a theosophy long weekend -Thursday thru until Sunday - to discuss this part of the 3rd Objective of The Theosophical Society which he has studied with deep interest because of his health background and his many very positive struggles with his own health struggles
For further information phone Janet 0416-442962 or Paul 07-5494 2638