May 2015

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***** White Lotus Day *****

Thursday May 7th 7pm "White Lotus day- Esther Pockrandt"

Keep the link unbroken - HelenaPetrovaBlavatsky's last words..Come along this evening to learn more about her remarkable legacy..

Thursday May 14th 7pm  "An evening with Olga Maria Magdalena Carolan" 

Olga is sharing her Prayer of feeling - it's all about talking/communicating with yourself, in conjunction with your Soul purpose on planet Earth. The true meaning of your Soul Purpose is always based on your Life Lessons small and big. An evening full of inspiration awaits you in Olga's pictures, paintings and prayers.   

Look forward to seeing you!

Thursday May 21st 7pm "An evening with Carmen French"

This evening Carmen, our 2014 Sunshine Coast Lodge President shares her current theosophical topic of research  

 Look forward to seeing you! 

"Those who plant kindness gather love" 

Thursday May 28th 7pm Shiftings Towards the Flowering of Unity”- Phillipa Rooke Qld TS State Representative 

Trends in science, in society and in spiritual communities indicative of a shift in the direction of the Oneness of all things. Phillipa presented this talk earlier this year at the 2015 National Theosophical Society Convention.

 ***** library this week *****
see you there :)
Study groups starting soon
An intuitive approach to the Seven Stanzas of Dzyan
Understanding Psychism
Practical Guide to Meditation
An introduction to the Mahatma Letters
Self-culture in the Light of Ancient Wisdom - Barry's study group
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"Even in our day, science suspects beyond the Polar seas, at the very circle of the Arctic Pole, the existence of a sea which never freezes and a continent which is ever green." Helena Blavatsky
"For our Ego lives its own separate life within its prison of clay whenever it becomes free from the trummels of matter,i.e., during the during the sleep of the physical man. This Ego it is which is the actor, the real man, the true human self. But the physical man cannot feel of be conscious during dreams, for the personality, the outer man, with its brain and thinking apparatus, are paralysed more or less completely" - Transactions of Blavatsky Lodge p50

Online daily theosophical newspaper launching (in trial mode) this week..
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