march 2016

posted 25 Feb 2016, 05:17 by Sunshine Coast Lodge Theosophical Society Australia   [ updated 3 Apr 2016, 23:38 ]

Thursday March 3rd

7pm "Applying the Theosophical Worldview into Positive Action - Elina Juusola"              

fI you've been wondering about how to apply theosophy to daily life..

join us this evening to listen to someone who did exactly that !   

Author of Love on the Line, How to Recover from Romance Scams with Dignity and without Victimisation - Elina 

speaks about how she combined personal narrative with critical analysis of the modern phenomena of online scamming 

with its roots in the world of pornography and the romance book industry. 

Dynamic feminist, futurist and renaissance thinker, Juusola takes us on a remarkable ride to recover from such ordeals with innovative flair.                                      

Come along and share the evening's experience

Thursday March10th
7pm "Encountering The Dark Night of the Soul - Russell Sturgess"

Nigredo is the first of three significant parts of the alchemical process. 
In psychological terms it has been referred to as the Dark Night of the Soul. 
In his presentation Russell reveals long forgotten teachings about negotiating this arduous passage. 
Being intrinsic to the journey, this information is a must know.

Thursday March 17th
7pm " Initiation - Tony Petcopoulos
Tony, a 40+year Brisbane TS member, presents his latest research and experience on Initiation.. higher dimensions and 
how to know that you are on the path

Thursday March 24th

7pm "An Evening of Bhajan (song), Meditation, Sacred Chants. Music - eat, love, pray..."

Please bring any/all of the following:

-a cushion or two to sit on 

-some handouts if you want to share a chant,

-a you-tube clip 

-a musical instrument or sacred bowl

-a plate of finger food to share.

-a special object for our altar table, a picture of someone / thing / issue  you feel may benefit from receiving some energy 

and most importantly... bring you :)

*** library this evening ***
 Thursday March 31st 7pm 
" Keeping it simple, simple - ‘kiss’ – Kevin Thompson”

Tools and esoteric skills Kevin has learnt and successfully applied in his life over 80+ years - 

come along 

- heaps of 'take-homes' you can apply immediately into your life.

*** library this evening ***
For further information phone Janet 0416-442962 or Paul 07-5494 2638