March 2015

posted 4 Mar 2015, 02:55 by Sunshine Coast Lodge Theosophical Society Australia   [ updated 25 Mar 2015, 17:18 ]

March 5th 
7pm Matthew Holt - Music for spirituality and Healing" 
Music has been used for spirituality and healing purposes for thousands of years. It is said Pythagoras healed people by playing an early form of guitar. Orpheus is the archetypal poet and musician. Certain types of music can induce calm and deep states of consciousness where mental thoughts and grasping melt away with ease. 
Matthew specialises in the composition and use of music to aid in subtle body spirituality and soul (astral body) healing processes and the results can be profound.  
Matthew suggests :
1. minimising alcohol consumption that day prior to coming to talk 
2. limiting caffeine and sugar intake on the day eg minimise coffee just before the talk (enjoy it after the talk!)
3. wearing lighter coloured clothes if possible  
March 12th
7pm “What Theosophy Terms mean to me – Bob Lawrence”

Join us for an evening navigating theosophical worldviews with Bob at the helm. Learn first-hand about some of the wonderful 'gifts' and stumbling blocks too as Bob, a long-term theosophist generously shares with us,

March 19th 

7pm “Martin Armstrong and the Pi Cycle - Basil Groves"  

Accelerating technological innovation, financial meltdowns, political instability, intensified warfare, and the emergence of new spiritual conceptualizations. The key to comprehending the Global Economies stems from the insight that we are all intercoonnected in a delicate network and the slightest change can trigger a ripple that amplifies into major affects around our worlds. 

Where are we today? Is there an underlying rythmnic pulse that helps make sense of all of this? Come and find out ! 

March 26th

7pm “Future of humanity -Barry Bowden" 

Humanity is far from a finished product at the moment !
We will look at the past from where we came from, the present and then the future.
Come and find out where we are at !
*** library this evening - last Thursday of the month :) ***  
Saturday March 28th  
Members and Friends Day - Barry Bowden  
Understanding and Developing the Higher Mind 
10.15am (for a 10-45 start) - 3pm finish 
Please bring a plate of food to share for lunch 
rsvp appreciated: email: 
   or phone Ailsa 07-5470 2656 or Janet 0416 442962 

For further information phone Janet 0416-442962 or Paul 07-5494 2638