June 2017

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01 JUN  

Are We Expecting a ‘Messiah’ or is it the ‘End of the World’: Jim Orchard

A talk based totally on H.P. Blavatsky’s writings about our present times and what to expect with “the absolute universality of the law of periodicity” (second fundamental proposition) Some tips on reading HPB’s work. How according to HPB, a primary, old, classification of the Theosophy/Wisdom Teachings was given to the Theosophical Society.



08 JUN

“One Path, Many Paths, No Path” – Classifying the Human Journey: David Allan

This talk was originally given at the 2017 Theosophical Convention in Hobart, Tasmania.

 David is a retired Professional Engineer and has an honorary position at the University of Queensland.  He is a keen amateur astronomer and astronomical society member.




15 JUN  

“The Sermon on the Mount” : Russell Sturgess

When asked how to solve the problems between Great Britain and India, Gandhi said “When your country and mine shall get together on the teachings laid down by Christ on his Sermon on the Mount, we shall have solved the problems not only of our countries but those of the whole world”. Russell Sturgess served in various forms of ministry from his late teens until his early 30s.  Inspite of leaving organised religion, Russell actively used the teachings of the Sermon on the Mount as the foundation to his spiritual journey, even to this day.  His life devotion to Service, his work, is based on the Beatitudes from the Sermon.



22 JUN   

World Refugee Day: Bronwyn Bell and Gabby Sutherland and Buddies. 

Come along and meet these two amazing women – Bronwyn Bell from Buddies Refugee Support Group and Gabby Sutherland.

Gabby Sutherland is a whistle blower on the atrocities at Naura. She faces a two year jail term for speaking out on this carnage.  Bronwyn is an ardent worker for our local  Buddies Refugee Support Group and she will give a brief rundown on the Buddies organisation, the current situation for asylum seekers in Australia and will provide a leaflet of an updated version of Myths and facts surrounding asylum seekers. 




29 JUN

*** library this evening *** 

How I meet you - Esther Pockrandt

In one of Krishnamurti’s talks he asks the question, ‘How do I meet you’. A seemingly banal question, yet is it? With reference to the Ancient Wisdom, we will take an inner reflective journey of how we could be more effectively meeting the ‘other’, indeed all of life’s expressions, in that spirit of ‘oneness’, that all wisdom traditions teach. To ‘live’ the perennial wisdom, the essence that is in fact theosophy also, that journey inwards, is after all our daily challenge and dharma, yet it is not as easy as it seems. This talk intends to strengthen our mutual endeavours along this our common, yet important journey                              *** library this evening ***