June 2016

posted 24 May 2016, 22:25 by Sunshine Coast Lodge Theosophical Society Australia   [ updated 3 Jul 2016, 22:50 ]

Thursday June 2nd 7pm

 "Heaven and Back - Bob Lawrence - Proof of Heaven". .

Bob shares his current research and a few tips and ‘jewels’ he’s gleaned along
the way in his exploration of an extraordinary account of a doctor's extraordinary 
and thought-provoking experience.. Bob's theosophical knowledge and wisdom 
enhances this evenings focus through a theosophical lens....

Thursday June 9th 7pm
"What is Occultism-Barry Bowden"
This name so misunderstood means the highest morality and purity on earth, it also means the individual that practises it gains the power to enter into these kingdoms of nature; and by observing the forces of these worlds then can use them to benefit of others. And much more, how does one do this? This is the meaning of evolution.

June 16th 7pm
"Theosophy on the Sunshine Coast today" - Jean Carroll and Janet Blake
 This evening we celebrate, share and care .. come along and hear some highlights of our Coastal presence and activities, nuts and bolts of theosophy and much more.. bring along your friends and ideas..  See you there :)

June 23rd 7pm
"Meditation & how it fits into the spiritual life of a TS person - Kerry Oldfield".
Meditation....What is it? Why do it? and How to do it?   As well as, the
purpose of the TS life etc.
There is not just one way/prescriptive -  Leadbeater, Besant , Hodson and more..

June 30th 7pm
*** Library again this evening *** 
"Who is Patricia Sun ?  What do you know about this remarkable women ?”– Paul Robb

To address the times we live in and to fully engage life may require a new form of thinking, seeing ourselves and the world around us in a completely different way, radically altering our perceptions of what's happening.... Patricia Sun's work directly relates to re-creating thought patterns and re-perceiving experience. For more than fifteen years she has traveled the world, empowering people with ways to hold experience more expansively and to tap the inherent creative capacity within, which results in new ways of thought."—Michael Toms, CEO and Co-founder, New Dimensions.

Where can she take us ?

From letting go of control and trusting, problems to deal with, loss,and evolving your potential.

What is right brain integrity? What is reality? Are you ready for an evolutionary leap? 

Do you know how to use your intuition ?

This discussion focuses on the ideas, the beauty and the power of her work since the 60’s

*** Library again this evening *** 



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