June 2015

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An intuitive approach to the Seven Stanzas of Dzyan

Understanding Psychism

Practical Guide to Meditation

An introduction to the Mahatma Letters

The Myths of our Lives

Cognitive Liberty & Ethics 

Self-culture in the Light of Ancient Wisdom - (Barry)

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The Croquet Club, Syd Lingard Drive, Buderim 

Thursday June 4th

7pm Gurdjieff and the Surmong Brotherhood - Paul Robb"

An evening exploring Gurdjieff,- transformative, mysterious, innovative.- he took the early 20th century occult world by storm. His relationship to the mysterious Surmong Brotherhood and what he learnt from this hidden brotherhood that could be taken out to the broader world. The location of this order of mystics and what we know of their history.

Thursday June 11th

Visit by National President, Linda Oliveira 

5.45pm for a 6pm : potluck dinner - please bring a plate of vegetarian food to share 

7pm "The Way of the Warrior: from War to Peace - Linda Oliveira-National Theosophical Society President"

From antiquity, war has been a feature of human communities as well as the human psyche.  To participate fully in any kind of war requires daring, courage and will.  This presentation will consider the way of the warrior from three points of view:  the warrior in the world, the hero as warrior, and a different kind of warrior – the Warrior of the Spirit 

Thursday June 18th

7pm "Crop Circles - where to from here? - Kate Dash"

Kate continues her popular talks and discussion evenings on crop circles – she has travelled extensively investigatiang this fascinating topic and now asks the question, “where to from here?” 

** Children always welcome !!***

Thursday June 25th

7pm “A Theosophical Evening"

Come along and listen to 2015 Theosophical Society Convention highlights about theosophy, self culture the future of humanity.. join in the discussion, worth-a-read book reviews,, study group sign-ons & a light supper.. love to see you there...

***** barry bowden (from toowoomba), our scheduled speaker has deferred to August ***** 

children welcome :)

***** it's library tonight -  4th thursday of the month*****

Look forward to seeing you!  


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