July 2017

posted 12 Jun 2017, 18:41 by Sunshine Coast Lodge Theosophical Society Australia   [ updated 17 Jul 2017, 15:19 ]


06 JUL

6pm for a 6.15pm start - dinner  with the President - please bring a plate of vegetarian food to share.
7pm talk - "Rediscovering the Beautiful’: Linda Oliveira -                    
Most of the great religions include the teaching that an immortal Trinity exists. In ancient Greece, Plato taught of a trinity of the Good, the True and the Beautiful. But has the Beautiful been somewhat neglected? And is there such a thing as Yoga of Beauty? This presentation will consider these questions with special reference to the writings of Theosophist, Dr Laurence Bendit, and some inspirational examples.



13 JUL

‘Atlantis, Lemuria, Root Races’ and Why do they matter!:  Kerry Oldfield

Kerry joined the Theosophical Society in the late 80’s.  He has a keen interest in The Ancient Wisdom Teachings, The Masters and the relevance of Theosophy to human progress/evolution of consciousness.



20 JUL

Mastering the Basics of Wellness : Wayne Ellis

This talk will present information on the five basic principles for a healthy body/mind/spirit.  These four basics are easy to learn and make a major difference in people’s lives.




27 JUL

A Special Library Evening.

Tonight you are invited to spend some time browsing through our library books.  We will have a book review and you are welcome to discuss any theosophical book at the meeting.