February 2016

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Thursday February 4th 7pm
Kundalini - the serpent fire - Paul Robb
The concealed wisdom of theosophia and the journey of bringing the mind home.
Ancient myths allude to the secret force behind the evolution .The questing element in our human nature that drives us to understand ourselves and our place in the universe is a power we all need to nurture to discover this secret force  .
Human beings  have  long held a fascination with the stars and the wonder that is the life around us on our planet Earth .The ability to self  reflect in all it’s facets ,is the key to unfolding the mystery that is ourselves.
Ancient powers reside in certain places on our planet that are home to a swelling up of the force called kundalini.The understanding of kundalini in  nature is mirror for our own inner nature  and the journey  that takes us back to our  primordial source .
We are more than we think we are , with self reflection , a keen sense of observation and the ability to ask questions of our Self  we birth understanding.

Thursday February 11th 7pm 
CHINESE YEAR OF THE MONKEY with Richard Giles :   This New Year begins Monday 8th February on the second New Moon of 2016.  Chinese New Year is a festival that always begins two New Moons after Winter Solstice (Nth Hemisphere), with the Sun and Moon in Aquarius. What are Monkey people  - intelligent, clear-sighted and very keen of mind (Years: 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004). They are very able being gifted in many areas of life.  They like movement, ideas and the discussion of new things. They detest feeling excluded or ignored by others and this can shake self-confidence. Monkeys adore children and are known as the eternally young sign of the zodiac.
The Chinese animals that combine well with the Monkey are the Snake, the Dragon and the Rat - they are into a year of harmony and can do well this year.  The Monkey is a strong Metal element and it clashes with the Tiger which is Wood element, so Tiger people  have a tougher time this year. The last time we had a Fire Monkey year was 1956 and we can look back to that to see what may be. Its an active firey year ahead.

Thursday February 18th  7pm 

"TS fieldwork - world cafe style - open evening * 


Deep dive exploration of TS themes and concepts                                 

Interactive, experiential, group discussion and muchmore and yes ist's fun :)  -     

**** Please bring a plate of finger food to share for 'evening supper' ****.               

Check our facebook and blog on Wednesday evening for our surprise 


ng topic - it's under wraps until then. :) :)

Thursday February 25th 7pm

An Evening of Bhajan (song), Sacred Chants. Music... -eat, love, pray..."

Please bring a cushion or two to sit on or use one of our chairs if you are more comfortable. some handouts if you want to share a chant, or plug in a u-tube clip, a musical instrument or sacred bowl

, a plate of finger food to share. 

Bring a special object for our altar table, a picture of someone / thing / issue  you feel may benefit from receiving some energy 

and most importantly... bring you :) 

Have you asked  yourself any significant questions  lately ?                                                         
For further information phone Janet 0416-442962 or Paul 07-5494 2638