February 2012 Buderim

posted 15 Jan 2012, 17:03 by Sunshine Coast Lodge Theosophical Society Australia   [ updated 17 Apr 2012, 16:08 ]

Buderim meetings are held on Thursays from 7.00 pm at the Croquet Club, Syd Lingard Drv, Buderim. A gold coin donation is appreciated. All are welcome to attend these public meetings. Please phone Jean on (07) 5443-4733 for more information.
Thursday February 2, 2012
Interface of The Dreaming with Christianity — Dr Olga Gostin
In this illustrated talk based mostly on Indigenous artworks, Olga Gostin explores the concept of The Dreaming as the basis of Aboriginal spirituality, and traces the impact of the missionary endeavour and Christianity on the First Australians.
6.00pm Welcome Back Pot Luck Dinner: Please bring a plate of vegetarian food to share.

Thursday February 9, 2012
What is Theosophy? — Marion, Bob and Carolyn
Wondering what theosophy is? Come along tonight and be versed on 4 different perspectives of what theosophy and the theosophical order of service are.

Thursday February 16, 2012
The Transformation of Man — Mary Keizer
To celebrate Adyar Day we look at a DVD conversation with Krishnamurti, Dr. David Bohm a Quantum Physicist and Dr. David Shainberg a Psychologist followed by a discussion on how we use our brain.  Most of us are unaware of the way we use the brain - it is fragmented and we do not see the relationship with this fact nor the condition of the world and that we create our own problems and then try to solve them using the same brain set.

Thursday February 23, 2012
Do we live in a hologram? — Linda Perren
How a holographic model of reality may neatly explain astrology, palmistry, iridology and more.