August 2015

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This week in theosophy we explore meditation/endocrine system / chakras / ..  

Buderim - The Croquet Club, Syd Lingard Drive

Thursday August 6th

5.17pm for a 5.30pm start Meditation - week 5

7pm "A Theosophy Evening- The endocrine glands and the seven chakras - Mike Vallis" 

Mike Vallis is visiting from Melbourne TS Lodge and is guiding us through an interesting topic this evening...

Lots of 'take-homes' to apply in your life.

Our annual Membership Day 

Sunday 16th August @ Nelson Park, Alexandra Headlands. 

Jim will be giving a talk on AA and spirituality..(An outstanding Community worker.- Jim has done incredible work in the community, talking to schools reiki and lots more..) ..bring a baby photo, favourite book, poem and some food to share.. bbq available..

ph Joanna  07-5479 6067 / 0422-944 075 or Janet 0416-442962 for details..

This week in theosophy we explore meditation /self-culture / the source /the GCP.egg project/ functional perspectives ..

Thursday August 13th

5.17pm for a 5.30pm start ..continuing on with Meditation..

The Magic of Society Membership..self-culture, the key to..

come along and share the adventure..

7pm "The Source of All That Is - Grant William Harrison" 

The Source is also known as Creator, Creator God, God, Allah, Brahman, ..Holonomic Universe, Quantum Field, Potentiality,Tao, Zero-Point Energy, Plasma,…Explore the secrets encoded within ancient myths and monoliths - the Monogram of Christ, the Trinity, Aten, Akhenaten, the Egyptian Trinity of Orisis, Isis and Horus,33, 52, 65 and 115, Michaelangelo's Creation of Adam..

Is there a key to unlock the Ancient Mysteries, and how does it open up the nature of reality; the physics of consciousness, our place in the cosmos and ultimate power?.See you there :)

This week in theosophy we explore study program overview / search for the inner self / transformative mindfulness / cycles & self-culture / a maleny sunday pm ./

Thursday August 20th

*** 5.17pm for a 5.30pm study session resumes 1st week September**

7pm "Search for the Inner Self- Barry Bowden”

It has been said the Higher Self has no cogniscience of the senses. How then do we come into contact with the silent speaker!There has to be a rearrangement to our mode of living, -we need to learn how to think and feel for ourself- this brings the power of stillness. The gateway to the eternal

Saturday 22nd August 


Saturday 22nd August -

Cycles & Self Culture - occasional Saturday morning - Barry Bowden..

10am-12pm, then stay for lunch ...please bring a plate of food to share..

Preparation for this second Saturday morning is to read the 1st section of Self Culture in the Light of  Occultism. (the way of self-discovery) By Taimni..

The preface is in this link

***** separate email will go out with more details regarding this.. ***** sms / ph Janet 0416 442962

This week in theosophy we explore  / global consciousness program-EGG project/ never giving up on your dreams / the secret of the torah../

Thursday August 27th

*****library this evening*****

*** 5.17pm for a 5.30pm study session resumes 1st week September - "Myths of our Lives"**

7pm "Global Consciousness program / EGG project - Basil Groves"

this project is a parapsychology experiment begun in 1998...and monitors behavior of a vast network of random number generators and correlations with widespread engagement of our hearts and minds.. eg to sets of world events, periods of focused attention by large numbers of people.. interconnected human consciousness on a global scale

The evidence suggests an emerging noosphere or the unifying field of consciousness described by sages in all cultures.
& if there's time...a 'snapshot' view on the current cycles re:Martin Armstrong and Princeton Economics.

Enjoy a light supper afterwards..

All welcome :) - children too...

*****library this evening*****

For further information phone Janet 0416-442962 or Paul 07-5494 2638

Enjoy a light supper afterwards..

love to see you there...
All welcome :) - children too...

Buderim - The Croquet Club, Syd Lingard Drive

For further information phone Janet 0416-442962 or Paul 07-5494 2638