April 2015 :)

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At the Croquet Club, Syd Lingard Dr, Buderim    
Thursday 2nd April
7pm “What is real - what is magic - where does the Sophia reside in us - Paul Robb" 
Wisdom hangs on a structure and that structure is intrinsic to all life. 
We explore the process of our consciousness evolving through the various kingdoms of nature until it finds a species that allows it to Self-reflect, occurring in humanity .Self-reflection can take man and women out of the realm of the personality and into the other 9/10ths of consciousness that we don't consciously use To do this we need to where the Sophia (wisdom) resides. The Monad, the Tube Torus, and the Orb are all fundamental to an understanding of depth of the Matrix in which we all live.   
See you there ! 
Thursday 9th April
7pm Tibetan views on living and dying - Anna Robb" 
Death is certain, the time of death is uncertain and the only thing that can help us at the time of our death is our mental/spiritual development. Understand the true meaning of life, how to accept death, help the dying, the dead and understand the process of dying. The physiological stages of death revolve around changes in winds, channels and drops - the 8 cycles of dissolution.   
See you there ! 

Thursday 16th April
7pm "Remote viewing with Steve and Mel"  
Two very experienced remote viewers will be taking us through the protocols and procedures. 
They bring many facets to the remote viewing session as they have worked privately and for various organisations. 
The exploration of information flows from the nominally non-exist parts of the brain/mind continuum has always been at the Heart of the Theosophical quest. The unknown beckons the mind like honey to the bee.
Explore the unknown side of your own nature when you attend this session.  

Thursday 23rd April
7pm "kissing the black dog-the missing link" wayne ellis
Natural healthy solutions to mental/emotional stress, usually called depression and anxiety. Each and every one of us is facing a rapidly changing world, a one where those who seek control over others or those working with others is in a delicate balance.-dancing on the razor’s edge of reality. Sometimes it is the simple things done well that makes the real difference. Life is an amazing gift when we have the courage to paint with the full gamut of our natural gifts

Thursday 30th April

Due to heavy rain and dangerous conditions forecast, 
this evening's event has been deferred
Please check your emails and our websites tomorrow lunchtime for update re friday and weekend events..

Stay warm, stay safe and see you soon..:)

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