April 2014

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7pm A Walk of Wisdom" - DVD / supper / discussion evening

*** entertaining - enlightening - empowering *** .In this intimate and moving portrait, written and directed by Victoria Holt, we take A Walk of Wisdom with Mee Chee Sansanee, the revered female spiritual leader of Thailand. For the first time, this compassionate Buddhist num shares her life, her work and her wisdoms and takes us on a breathtaking journey from her former days as a top ten model, to her every day of helping others and living a life as peace and true beauty that really does come from the heart. "This exquisitely expressed film expresses the unconditional love that all human beings long for through the life of one who has committed and surrendered her entire life to the realization of that love.”





2nd Thursday of the month

and Yes!! meditation with Woody is on !

5:45pm for 6pm start 


7pm “David Lorimer joins us online this evening to discuss, ‘Gnosis, Initiation, Transformation and the Wisdom of the Heart’" David Lorimer MA, PGCE, FRSA is a writer, lecturer, editor and educationalist.  Originally a merchant banker then a teacher of philosophy and modern languages at Winchester College, he is the author and editor of twelve books, including Whole in One – The Near-Death Experience and the Ethic of Interconnectedness, Thinking beyond the Brain and Science, Consciousness and Ultimate Reality.

David is also inspiration behind CharacterScotland. The vision: Scotland will be a place where everybody feels empowered to get involved, give to others, do the right thing and do their best in an inclusive, just, compassionate, flourishing and sustainable society. The aim: Support the cultivation of character and values in Scotland, with a particular focus on children and young people, by inspiring a character-based movement across multiple sectors.




7pm “Geoffrey Peckitt, continues his popular discussion evenings from last year.”

Geoffrey Peckitt, relationship counsellor, author, entertainer and radio 101.3 presenter extraordinaire.joins us again this evening to continue his popular discussion evenings from last year.. All of life is a journey, and along our own personal path we can bounce from one experience to another, never really becoming aware of what it is that we are supposed to be learning about ourselves, and our unlimited power. Or we can see each experience as a chance to discover a little more about who we really are, and just how powerful we are when we finally accept the truth about ourself. No matter who we are, how much money or how many possessions we have, we are all heading for the same destination, however; the way we get to that desination is our own ‘Personal Journey. Come chat with Geoffrey.




7pm “Hypatia of Alexandria” 

Hypatia was a female mathematician, philosopher and astronomer in late 4th-century Roman Egypt, who investigated the flaws of the geocentric Ptolemaic system and the heliocentric model that challenged it. Surrounded by religious turmoil and social unrest, Hypatia struggled to save the knowledge of classical antiquity from destruction.

The DVD story used historical fiction to highlight the relationship between religion and science amidst the decline of Greco-Roman polytheism and the Christianisation of the Roman Empire.

*** remember :) remember :) remember :)... as per previous years, please bring your contribution towards biscuits, cakes and 'snacks' for The Annual Springbrook Theosophical School that begins Friday April 25th ***