April 2012, Buderim

posted 31 Mar 2012, 16:43 by Sunshine Coast Lodge Theosophical Society Australia   [ updated 17 Apr 2012, 16:06 ]

Buderim meetings are held on Thursays from 7.00 pm at the Croquet Club, Syd Lingard Drv, Buderim. A gold coin donation is appreciated. All are welcome to attend these public meetings. Please phone Jean on (07) 5443-4733 for more information.

Thursday 5 April
Hand Analysis – a Mirror to Mind/Brain Function: John Emmett
Unlocking the content of Life’s biggest natural computer in modern society. A journey into the miracle alchemy of perception Vs thought in time.

Thursday 12 April
Understanding God: Francois Billy
Exploring such questions as: where does he come from; what is our relationship with God; and why do we have to sacrifice so much in his name? *Rescheduled from Thurs 22 March

Thursday 19 April
The Life and Teachings of Guru Nanak: Sandeep Gupta
Guru Nanak was the founder of the Sikh religion, and his divinity and religious authority have passed in succession to further gurus down the line. He spread the message of brotherhood and put aside differences of caste and religion to preach oneness.

Friday 20 - Thursday 26 April
Seeking Wisdom: Australian School of Theosophy
Springbrook Retreat Centre see website for more details

Thursday 26 April
The Contact Experience - Angelic Messengers? ET Intruders? Star-Nations Return?: Aldo Donadel
Native Tribal Elders see that our Western folk-lore about ET Intruders is a true reflection of OUR Alienation from Spirit. In keeping with what Carl Jung told us first. Can our Occult Traditions bring us nearer to our Earth Family, in understanding – ‘The Contact Experience’?