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Presidents Report - March 2010

posted 15 Oct 2011, 22:31 by Sunshine Coast Lodge Theosophical Society Australia

This is my first report to you as your new president. Firstly I would like to thank our outgoing president Betty McAllister for her wonderful l example of commitment and service to our young lodge – Betty has a special skill that encourages brotherhood and through her efforts our lodge has become a unique place to meet each Thursday. Enjoy your well-earned retirement Betty.

I ponder on what I can say to you as the New Year commences.  I do take my role as your spoke person seriously and encourage you all to feel free to contact me as dialogue is an essential part for  our growth as a Living Lodge.  I trust as we develop we will continue to build on the bonds of friendship that has made our lodge so special and that we can all create a sense of the sacred when we come together in every aspect of our theosophical family - committee, weekly meetings, study groups and our events both at Springbrook and here on the coast.

I attended the Annual Convention of the Australian Section as Launceston in January.  The coast was well represented with Paul and Anna Robb, Lynn Hume, Betty McAllister, Barbara Fingleton,     Carmen French and my-self in attendance.  Whilst the theme of the Convention was Divine Wisdom in Art, Science and Philosophy, there was also a big focus on the need for more education at grass root level for members, committees and those running our weekly meetings.  For each of us the task is to be aware of what Theosophy actually stands for and in particular a focus on our own level of consciousness rather than knowledge.  Awareness can create Living Wisdom and a more harmonious life. Perhaps this is an opportunity to remind you that we all need to be constantly alert to our thoughts and actions. Finetuning these may result in bringing theosophy into our daily lives. There was such a wonderful energy at the convention as old friends met and new friendships developed.  Next year the convention will be held in Brisbane and this will give an opportunity for more of our members to attend.

Peter Blaszczyk who was the facilitator at our Tewantin /Noosa group is no longer able to run this group as he was given the opportunity to work with indigenous people. Thank you Peter for all your care and service with this group. We wish you all the best as you follow your heart and passion to work with our aboriginal brothers and sisters. The group will continue with a roster system to chair the weekly meetings.

Theosophy 101 - As there are many new members in our Lodge we have decided to run a study group based on basic theosophical terms looking at the differences between Atman/Spirit/Soul/Mental Bodies etc. from the glossaries of HPB , various sages and philosophers.

I look forward to being part of our theosophical family as we seek to bring Theosophy into our everyday lives.