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Presidents Report - June 2010

posted 15 Oct 2011, 22:32 by Sunshine Coast Lodge Theosophical Society Australia

Dear friends,

Our lodge has had a very busy start to the year with numerous activities which has brought us together in the spirit of building a nucleus of universal brotherhood.  Whilst our society is that nucleus which reaches out to show our community that such a thing as theosophy exists, it is we,  the members who form this nucleus of fellowship when we come together in our study groups, social events and members meetings.

It is important for each of us to be aware that there is an underlying idea of co-creating unity/brotherhood when we come together in these activities. When we are aware and strive collectively, we can form a stream of consciousness which can take ourselves and our community forward. The challenge for us as individuals is to be awake and develop this awareness in our activities together in groups (knowing ourselves as one) and most importantly to bring this awareness into our everyday lives, and then we begin to live theosophy. 

Our National President Dr Dara Tatray visited our lodge for a public meeting on 13 May. The evening got off to an excellent start with a potluck supper which we shared together and set up a very warm atmosphere to welcome Dara. We were delighted to see so many members both from our lodge, the Noosa Tewantin and Caboolture Groups plus local residents from the greater community.  Dara spoke on The Scientific Basis of Universal  Brotherhood and reminded  us that while we as members of the theosophical society are encouraged to aspire to this high ideal, that in reality there is a field  of oneness behind our manifested universe.   While this unknowable form of reality (Oneness) cannot always be expressed by our mere minds, in our moments of complete stillness we somehow identify with this magnetic force that keeps drawing us to its source.

Our weekly study group Theosophy 101 continues at Buderim prior to our weekly public meetings. I am  pleased to report that Olga Monahan has started a fortnightly daytime study group for the Tewantin Group. This new group is studying Theosophy; An Introductory Study Course revised by John Algeo from the American Section; more importantly creating another nucleus/fraternity to manifest brotherhood. 

Our Raja Yoga weekend mid April was something a little different for a Springbrook weekend, the emphasis being strongly on study.  Yvonne Malykke from the Brisbane Lodge did a superb job of giving us a quick overview of these classical teachings from The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, encouraging us to go beyond nature and see what lies behind it, with the hope that we may take the knowledge gained a step further with private study.  Springbrook Retreat Centre was calling again early May for the annual working bee organised by the Brisbane Lodge.  Fourteen people attended from the coast.    Kay and Barry were delighted with the results.  Well done everyone - not to mention the satisfaction we gained from working, playing and co-creating a fraternity of brotherhood.

May we all be aware of the potential we have to aspire to this greater consciousness as it is our consciousness that connects us as we aspire to bring theosophical ideas into our daily lives.

Kind regards