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AGM 2010 - Presidents Annual Report

posted 15 Oct 2011, 22:43 by Sunshine Coast Lodge Theosophical Society Australia

Dear Members,

I was fortunate when taking over as President at the beginning of the year that our Lodge had such a solid foundation created by previous presidents and committees.  This framework has made my role easier in implementing our society’s core values of building a nucleus of brotherhood and  developing an awareness amongst our members (in particular our newer members ) as to What Theosophy Is .  An understanding of the Ancient  Wisdom teachings  has been the objective put forward at our weekly lectures and study groups in both Buderim and Tewantin.    The concept of Living Theosophy has been paramount to this year’s planning.

Highlights of our Theosophical Year were as follows:

•    Annual Sunshine Coast Lodge Retreat at Springbrook with Raja Yoga as the theme

•    3  Pot Luck Dinners throughout the year at public meetings

•    Visits  from our National President Dr Dara Tatray and our Educational  Co-ordinator Dr Edi Bilimoria

•    Visits from Supporting Lecturers Noel Bertelle and Barry Bowden

•    Visit from International Lecturer  Prof. Colin Price

•    Hosting  2 members only meetings with visiting lecturers

•    Organising Annual Event to engage local residents –T he Alchemy of Music & Dance

•    Monthly Krishnamurti  DVD Lunch Days

•    Weekly study groups at both Tewantin and Buderim

I would personally like to thank everyone that has assisted in promoting Theosophy on the Coast.

Firstly  my thanks  to our committee for their support throughout the year.
To  Jim Orchard and Olga Monagan who have contributed their time and knowledge in assisting with our study groups
 A special thank you to Aliza Male for stepping up as the facilitator of the Tewantin Group. 

 Thank you also to the following;

- Bob Lawrence for your dedication to our Library
-  Our creative Publicity officer Rachele Wilson
-  Linda Davies for the great work on The Bulletin
-  Pete Urbahn in recording and producing CDs for our library

I  am blessed to have such a wonderful supportive committee and members to draw on.

Two of our very hard working members Joyce Tozer and Joanna Teazis are both retiring from our committee. Together they have been very involved in committee and TOS work. Joyce was one of the original committee members of the newly formed Sunshine Coast Lodge and has been a committee member since 2002.  Joanna‘s creative spirit has been very much evident in the numerous activities she organised for TOS. All of us will miss their input and our best wishes go with them.  My presidency has been enriched by my association with them both.

Next year our committee will take on board the request from some of our members to include  dialogue evenings and more interaction from our members.  I welcome your suggestions to the growth of our lodge so that we can live a more theosophical  way of life.