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Annual reports 2016

posted 8 Feb 2017, 14:57 by Sunshine Coast Lodge Theosophical Society Australia

Annual reports presented at our Sunshine Coast Lodge November 2016 AGM .
These reports span our financial year 1 September 2015 - 31st August 2016

President's Welcome for 2014

posted 4 Feb 2014, 21:18 by Sunshine Coast Lodge Theosophical Society Australia   [ updated 6 Nov 2014, 11:30 ]

From Carmen French
Your President for 2014
Dear Members and Friends,
Warm greetings!

Depending on your focus, 2013 has indeed been a year of great change and much hardship for many thousands of people on our planet due to upheavals caused by political unrest or natural disasters in our world or for many other reasons.
However, it has also been a year of great advancement and breakthroughs in many areas and in many countries.
Whether we look at political situations or scientific, technological, medical breakthroughs and the like, if we researched how much has occurred and changed in our world in one short year we would all be amazed. So too, in our own beautiful corner of the world, the past twelve months in the Theosophical Society of the Sunshine Coast has afforded us many fond memories as well as many challenges and changes particularly for committee related matters.

After an initial wobbly start to the year, I feel the remaining members of the committee set about trying to bring back a calm atmosphere, stability and coherence and got down to the business of ensuring that each week had someone or something of interest to offer members and the general public who attended our meetings.
Although you can’t please everyone all of the time, I hope we have not disappointed most of the time.
Now as this current year is coming to a close I personally, have the intention of reflecting on all I have learned and experienced and enjoyed about this year.
I sincerely hope for all of you that the Christmas and New Year period, brings moments of joy and pleasure, warmth and generosity of spirit, however and with whomever you are spending it.
I, along with the new committee, hope to continue to bring you many interesting speakers and also to introduce more interactive sessions and discussions whereby we can speak to each other and offer some insights from our own individual reading, learning and life experiences as I firmly believe this is vital to the lifeblood of the group as a whole.
As a very special friend and mentor in my life for many years inscribed in a book he gave me - in Latin, “Nos invenimus in Fabulis” which if it was translated for me correctly means – “We discover during common talk”.
I thoroughly believe in the essence of this statement.
Please join us in 2014 for more sharing and exploring of theosophical and interconnected topics and bring your questions, and your own learning and experiences from your lives and spiritual paths with you.
Please feel free to give us any ideas you may have on something you may wish to learn more about and some interest area or studies you may wish to share with us all. A suggestion box will be made available or e-mail us. 

I will do my utmost to accommodate new ideas and hopefully a bit of light-heartedness along with some new approaches to ancient and perennial topics.
With warmest wishes for you and yours this Christmas season,
Carmen French
- on behalf of Committee of The Theosophical Society of The Sunshine Coast.

Acting President’s Welcome and News for 2013.

posted 25 Feb 2013, 21:43 by Sunshine Coast Lodge Theosophical Society Australia   [ updated 6 May 2013, 04:58 ]

Farewell to Penny Houghton, outgoing President:

First of all, as many of you will know by now, Penny Houghton, has regretfully stepped down from her position as President for this year for family reasons and we will miss her dynamism and passion in all she has touched over the years.  Penny assures me however, that she will still be there in the background, doing what she can.  And of course we look forward to seeing you, Penny, too, as you fill the room always with jolliness and that warm, big smile of yours. 


On behalf of all of us and the committee, therefore, we do wish you, Penny, a more relaxed and a healthy, happy year with more time to do what you need to do at this point in your life.  Your hard work and dedication to our growing group has not gone unnoticed.  So a big heart-felt THANK YOU for all your care for our Lodge over the past year, and for the many years before as active committee member and secretary. 


Incoming Acting President:

On Wednesday, 13 February, in an Extraordinary Committee Meeting, and chaired by Geoffrey Harrod, the Queensland Representative for the TS, Esther Pockrandt, was therefore elected to take on the Acting President position till our AGM at the end of the year in November, when new nominations for President will again be called.  Of course, I, Esther, have big boots of all our former Presidents to fill, in my acting role, but I also have a dedicated and hard working team of committee members to bring you the best we can for this year.  I endeavour to fulfil my duties to the best of my abilities.


Who is Who and does What in your  Committee:

In addition there were a few reshuffles of responsibilities within the Committee in the last couple of weeks, particularly in regards to publicity, the web and updates, and we hope to have that running smoothly again within the next few weeks.  A few glitches have been fixed and we apologize for any confusion caused.  Janet Blake has stepped in to fill the gap (and we are filled with gratitude for your skills) while Linda Davies returns from her leave, generously having offered to train to take on that huge specialist skills gap left behind when Rachele Wilson vacated that position last year after many years of dedication.  We also want to thank you, Rachele, for having stepped back in there last week, just to trouble shoot in this time of transition and to get us going again. 


Your speaker and events sub-committee is Dan StGeorge, Janet Blake and myself and any speaker suggestions and offers from YOU too to speak on a topic that embraces and is inspired by the 3 Objects, are absolutely welcome and will be gratefully received.  Please see any of us.


Joyce Thompson continues in her role as Secretary and her dedication to being at the front desk as well as setting up the room and the kitchen for the past few years in tandem with Joyce Tozer.  However both Joyces have expressed that they would like someone else from our group to take over those roles.  As you know, Joyce Tozer is also setting up and looking after the TOS display (The Theosophical Order of Service which runs independently of the TS), at each meeting for the Sunshine Coast Lodge.  Any offers are therefore most welcome to fill those potential vacancies.


Carmen French continues her long drive up from Caboolture each week and we thank you, Carmen, for those unexpected treats of baked goodies and your invaluable help to look after the kitchen. 


You, our members’ special contributions:

A thank you to Sue Wason, for continuing in the role of Membership Secretary, even though you, Sue, stepped down from the committee last year.  Much appreciated.


Then too, our library deserves a mention and the ongoing dedication of Francois Billy and now Peter Urbahn to help set it up for you to borrow from our extensive collection of Theosophy inspired  books!  The library will be open at 6.30pm for you to browse and borrow from every 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month.  See the weekly updates for reminders.


Of course a BIG THANK YOU to ALL OF YOU!   We would not be there if it were not for all of you coming to our meetings and inspiring us in our work for you.   And we always welcome ideas and offers of help for speakers and the general ‘housekeeping’ that goes on behind the scene at every meeting. 


We  thank the anonymous team that ‘materialises’ at the end of each meeting and always washes up, stacks chairs, collapses tables, puts book boxes and other meeting ‘decor’ away so we can be out of the building by 9pm.  More hands are always welcome. 


One person commented at our last meeting, ‘why is it that our presidents always look so hot and flustered at the beginning of our meetings’.  Well, is there anyone that can be there by 6.30 to help transform the croquet club venue into a warm welcoming TS space?  There are lots of chairs and tables that need moving and placing among other things.  Many hands make light work, as they say, and it is true, they do.  Any volunteers are therefore most appreciated!



One thing that has inspired me over the years is the generosity of spirit, gratitude and ongoing show of good will of all who are drawn to our meetings.  Our group is entirely run by volunteers, as are all others throughout the country.  Our speakers too are a gift.  Most are not professional speakers.  Yet every speaker leaves us with ‘something’.  Everyone adds to the Jig Saw Puzzle of the Whole.  We fill with gratitude for everyone that takes the time and effort to prepare a speech and share of their inspiration.  Indeed if there is anyone out there who has read an inspiring book, to perhaps compose a book review, or synopsis, of what inspired you, from a book you borrowed from our library even?  Perhaps as part of a panel of 3 or 2 reviewers or as a stand-alone talk, that could be so interesting?  Many of us do not have the time to read...and that could be a great service you would be giving us. 



Our Springbrook TS Retreat Centre also is so generous in its costing.  Where could we be fed, lodged in our own room with basin! and inspired for a weekend retreat for $110, or treated to International Speakers, for example, for a week for only $230 and in such an extraordinarily tranquil, well maintained bush setting at that?!  A BIG thank you to Kay Schiffelbein and to Barry Hora for your ongoing, behind the scenes, loving care and maintenance of our special centre.


Thank you to all of you:

Finally a thank you to all of you for your ongoing passion for what the Society stands for.  Without ALL of you we would not be!  It is the Freedom of Thought and the Three Objects that has inspired most of us to become members and to keep coming weekly, steadily growing our inner beings to ‘do’ life with greater awareness of the interconnectedness of everything. 


Let us all continue to be inspired therefore by the words of Ghandi, as we embrace this year, to ‘be the change we want to see in the world’ and in terms of our Sunshine Group, to ‘be the change we want to see in our Lodge’!  or, to live by that other wonderful inspirational slogan of years ago, ‘think globally, act locally’.


With many good wishes for good health and happiness to all of YOU, and for the good of ALL. We are looking forward to seeing you all Thursdays!

Your Acting President, and on behalf of the Committee

Esther Pockrandt

posted 24 Feb 2013, 04:04 by Sunshine Coast Lodge Theosophical Society Australia   [ updated 25 Feb 2013, 21:58 ]


posted 23 Jan 2013, 05:03 by Sunshine Coast Lodge Theosophical Society Australia

On behalf of the Sunshine Coast Theosophical Society committee, I would like to say “Welcome members and friends!”

If you are reading this, it means you made it through 21st December 2012, and may now be wondering what is in store for 2013! Many people last year noticed the strange ‘energy’ it held, and were greatly challenged more on personal levels, than global. I feel this year may be a year for finding opportunities and taking them, thereby taking yourself in new directions possibly not considered before.

At TS Sunshine Coast Lodge this year, we are going to include more challenging discussions and open forums, giving YOU the chance to express your thoughts and also be stimulated by others’ ideas and concepts. We need to plunge to the depths of spirituality and really look at what makes us tick, who we are and what we believe. Are we influenced too much by media, peers, family and religion, or are we forming our own ideas? When we leave the lodge each week, do we go away and LIVE what we have learned, or do we forget about it until next week rolls around? It is time to start LIVING THEOSOPHY - in other words, living life according to Divine Wisdom. We would like to hold more members only events, and of course there will be opportunities to attend events at Springbrook and also a camping weekend in conjunction with the Toowoomba lodge at Somerset Dam.

As with our committee, I hope to see all the familiar faces return, and some new ones attending as well. If you have read any wonderful books in the break, we would love you to tell us about it. Please let me know if you can do a review on a Thursday evening. We are of course, always looking for helpers too, so if you can offer your services in the kitchen or on the front desk it would be greatly appreciated. Email me at if you can help, or have any suggestions for our forthcoming year.

Your President for 2013

Penny Houghton

President's Report - November 2012

posted 30 Nov 2012, 23:46 by Sunshine Coast Lodge Theosophical Society Australia

Presented at the AGM of 29 November, 2012:

My first year as President of the Sunshine Coast Lodge has come to a close. 2012 – what a year it has been for so many, on both global, local and personal levels. As most new presidents do, I came into the position with high hopes for what we might achieve this year. Some of these things have come to pass, others have been harder to get off the ground, but with a year that has been full and moved along extremely quickly, this is no surprise!

It has been interesting to see the ebb and flow of members and non-members alike, and changing faces, with old faces dropping off for a while, then returning to the fold once more. I think this has been indicative of the busy year it has been for us all, with many on the move either travelling, moving house, or moving relationships! Our membership base has stayed strong, with Sue Wason working hard keeping national headquarters up to date, despite her being away for a lot of the year, and keeping track of dues and so on. A big thank you to her, and I am sorry to see her move off the committee, but understand her need for more travel!

We have included more dinner nights throughout the year, at both the Buderim and Tewantin groups. This was to give our members a chance to share in the brother/sisterhood, and also get to know each other a little better. Coming together in community, sharing food and conversation, helps to bring us all closer together with more understanding of who we are as individuals, and helps make the nucleus stronger.

I was hoping to have more discussion groups, and thank you Dan St George for organising those we did have. It gave some the opportunity to express their viewpoints, and share their own experiences on the spiritual journey, which is very important in allowing us to learn respect for others’ opinions and the concept of freedom of thought. I thank Dan further, and also Jean Carroll and Janet Blake early in the year, for their assistance in contacting and arranging some of the speakers for our programmes this year. I couldn’t do it on my own! We have had a very broad range, with speakers from Adelaide, (Victor and Olga Gostin), NSW (Pedro and Linda Oliveira, Stephen Strong and Simon O’Rourke), Brisbane (Aldo Donadel, Anthony Petcopoulos and Julie McNall), Toowoomba (Barry Bowden) and of course locally, and some of our own members and attendees. We also ran a couple of members only meetings, utilising the Kawana Library, and then Jean’s home (thank you for opening it up to us), with Barry Bowden. This allowed us to learn, discuss and gain insight, in a more informal and relaxed fashion.

Our Lodge ran a very successful and well attended weekend at the Springbrook Retreat Centre in July. We were very fortunate to have the contribution of James Cowan, renowned author and spiritual seeker who came up from Bangalow in NSW to join us. We now have some of his books in our library. Along with James, we had talks by Rachele Wilson, Krystina Lamb, Dan St George, one of our past presidents, Betty McAllister and me. It is wonderful to see the contribution of our very own members, and this includes Paul Robb and Joyce Tozer who helped Kay Schiefelbein in the kitchen, and Joyce Thompson for the music introducing each session. Thank you to all. The weekend closed with a tree planting ceremony – let’s hope the tree is thriving, and will be a reminder in future of the growth we are all making along our path.

Our committee decided to instigate an early opening library session through part of the year, in the hope it would encourage more people to borrow from our vast resource of books and CD’s. However, this was unfortunately not utilised, so went by the wayside. We still continued however to hold the library every 1st and 3rd week of the month, and I would like to give an enormous thank you to Francois Billy for being ever so willing to sit at the library table and keep it running smoothly. Bob Lawrence also deserves a thank you for the computer setup of the library, and he will be updating this during our break over the next couple of months.

Thank you to both Jim Orchard and Olga Monagan for running study groups at Buderim and Tewantin respectively. This is another resource that I would love to see more greatly utilised. I hope to see other members stepping up to offer sessions next year on a variety of Theosophical topics.

The year would not have run as smoothly if it were not for our other committee members also, so a big thank you to you all - Paul Robb for taking on the difficult task of Treasurer, who is also leaving us and will focus on the Maleny group in 2013, Joyce Thompson as secretary and often being the first at the lodge to set up each week, Jean Carroll, former president who has assisted with ‘how it all works’ and is leaving to concentrate on the national TOS and Carmen French for your assistance, especially in the kitchen and bringing along yummy food to share with everyone (this is her forte!). Joyce Tozer, although not on our committee, is a tour de force for the TOS, looking after the kitchen, and encouraging us all to contribute both funds and our time in service to others. Thank you Joyce. I would like to give a particularly big thank you to Rachele Wilson, our publicity officer. What a job she has done, keeping us informed through weekly updates, advertising in the local papers and radio, managing our website and facebook page, a mammoth task all up. I hope we can get someone to fill her shoes, as she is also regrettably, retiring from the committee.

Lastly, I would like to thank Janet Blake for co-ordinating the Tewantin group and encouraging members to form a nuclelus to further the TS work, and also Deborah Taylor for collecting the key, setting up and generally assisting Janet with the group. They were both formally thanked at their end of year celebration.
To all those who attend our weekly meetings, thank you for your appreciation of, and respect you have shown for our speakers and all we have tried to achieve this year. There would be no lodge without its members.

I wish you all a very merry Christmas and Happy New Year for 2013, and hope to see you all return on our first Thursday in February (the 7th).

Love and Light,
Penny Houghton

Presidents Report - October 2011

posted 15 Oct 2011, 22:47 by Sunshine Coast Lodge Theosophical Society Australia

Dear Friends,

This is my last report to you as president of our lodge.  How rewarding these past 2 years have been for me - I have noticed quite a shift in my consciousness and I recommend  to all of you to consider doing service and reap the benefits that come from contributing and helping to keep our great organization flourishing.  I encourage you to stand for our committee.  Our AGM will be on the last Thur of Nov i.e. 24 Nov. and nominations may be received any time until the date of the meeting. See details on page 1 of this bulletin.              

Our lodge continues in many ways to grow and evolve.  You committee has been streamlining many of the procedures that an expanding lodge requires and we feel we have a solid foundation now to further our evolution as we go forth together.  Who knows what the future will bring as we live out our journey in this amazing world.   Whilst we need to be aware of the push factors  (including all the great teachers and servers ) that have brought us to where we are as a society, we also need to remind ourselves as individuals that it is up to us to collectively take our lodge forward.  By raising one’s own consciousness, we not only work off our karmic debts but at the same time we assist in the evolution of our own soul and the evolution of the group consciousness of humanity.  We can all look back and see in our own country how the collective consciousness of Australians in the past decade has changed and no doubt it will continue to change depending on our group consciousness as a nation.

As we communicate with each other sometimes energy becomes blocked and we just need to let go of what we consider to be right, i.e. letting go of the energy and not being so egocentric. Backtracking ones thoughts and actions without any emotion is a great way to discover why there was tension and we may just discover how egocentric we are. This awareness maybe a step in our transformation.   As the German Mystics reminds us when we abandon the I/Me/Mine Mindset we make ourselves progressively open of receiving grace.

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank our committee for their support and hard work over the past two years of my presidency and also to our members and those of you who supported our weekly meetings at both Buderim and Tewantin.   All the very best to each and every one of you and may the upcoming Christmas message abide in each of you.

With love

AGM 2010 - Presidents Annual Report

posted 15 Oct 2011, 22:43 by Sunshine Coast Lodge Theosophical Society Australia

Dear Members,

I was fortunate when taking over as President at the beginning of the year that our Lodge had such a solid foundation created by previous presidents and committees.  This framework has made my role easier in implementing our society’s core values of building a nucleus of brotherhood and  developing an awareness amongst our members (in particular our newer members ) as to What Theosophy Is .  An understanding of the Ancient  Wisdom teachings  has been the objective put forward at our weekly lectures and study groups in both Buderim and Tewantin.    The concept of Living Theosophy has been paramount to this year’s planning.

Highlights of our Theosophical Year were as follows:

•    Annual Sunshine Coast Lodge Retreat at Springbrook with Raja Yoga as the theme

•    3  Pot Luck Dinners throughout the year at public meetings

•    Visits  from our National President Dr Dara Tatray and our Educational  Co-ordinator Dr Edi Bilimoria

•    Visits from Supporting Lecturers Noel Bertelle and Barry Bowden

•    Visit from International Lecturer  Prof. Colin Price

•    Hosting  2 members only meetings with visiting lecturers

•    Organising Annual Event to engage local residents –T he Alchemy of Music & Dance

•    Monthly Krishnamurti  DVD Lunch Days

•    Weekly study groups at both Tewantin and Buderim

I would personally like to thank everyone that has assisted in promoting Theosophy on the Coast.

Firstly  my thanks  to our committee for their support throughout the year.
To  Jim Orchard and Olga Monagan who have contributed their time and knowledge in assisting with our study groups
 A special thank you to Aliza Male for stepping up as the facilitator of the Tewantin Group. 

 Thank you also to the following;

- Bob Lawrence for your dedication to our Library
-  Our creative Publicity officer Rachele Wilson
-  Linda Davies for the great work on The Bulletin
-  Pete Urbahn in recording and producing CDs for our library

I  am blessed to have such a wonderful supportive committee and members to draw on.

Two of our very hard working members Joyce Tozer and Joanna Teazis are both retiring from our committee. Together they have been very involved in committee and TOS work. Joyce was one of the original committee members of the newly formed Sunshine Coast Lodge and has been a committee member since 2002.  Joanna‘s creative spirit has been very much evident in the numerous activities she organised for TOS. All of us will miss their input and our best wishes go with them.  My presidency has been enriched by my association with them both.

Next year our committee will take on board the request from some of our members to include  dialogue evenings and more interaction from our members.  I welcome your suggestions to the growth of our lodge so that we can live a more theosophical  way of life.

Presidents Report - October 2010

posted 15 Oct 2011, 22:41 by Sunshine Coast Lodge Theosophical Society Australia

Dear Friends

Our year has almost come full circle and it seems such a small time ago that we were preparing our newly re-vamped Bulletin. Here we are now preparing our last issue for 2010. I’m sure you will all agree Linda has done an exceptional job for someone new at the task, an example of giving selfless, altruistic service.   I offer to her a special thank you from all of us.

The purpose of our lodge like all lodges is to create a forum where people of like minds can come together, discuss, learn and listen in the spirit of harmony as we grow in our understanding of the ancient wisdom teachings.  As individuals we have a tremendous power within to take our lodge and the world forward by lifting ourselves and empowering others.  The first step on our own unique spiritual journey is to get to know our own self.  Daily meditation is recommended; if we can touch our own still centre the result will be a calmer, more peaceful self, one that is more skilful in observing and comprehending our self and actions. Plus there is the added benefit of being better able to cope with the pressures of the fast world we live in.   Monitoring our thoughts is also recommended, thoughts can manifest into action. If we are conscious of the movement of our minds one gradually becomes awake to the possibility of changing our actions and re-actions thru the power of thought. Over time non-reactive responses will develop. Keeping our focus on our core beliefs of the wisdoms teachings will become a steadying influence in our lives. Our major task as members of the Theosophical Society is to turn these building blocks from the wisdom teachings into practical wisdom - e.g.  walking  the talk. Let us rejoice in the possibility of bringing our heart and mind together and bring theosophy into our daily lives.
Our lodge continues with a diverse programme including lectures from many of our members, panel discussions, study groups both at Buderim and Tewantin.  It is vital to the growth of our lodge that we have these inter-active programmes - plus we have introduced “members only” events where we can exchange ideas and get to know one another better in the spirit of brother/sisterhood.  Betty McAllister also runs a monthly DVD session featuring a Krishnamurti DVD followed by lunch and discussion on the last Sunday of each month at her home in Buderim. This event is open to all regardless of whether you are a member or not. 

Some 10 Queensland members including myself travelled to the Theosophical World Congress in Rome during July. This event is held every 9 to 10 years.  Daily we were uplifted daily by international speakers developing the theme of Brotherhood Without Distinction.  In October we are planning to present a panel of interpretations by some of the delegates that attended the Congress.  After the Congress 25 members drawn from New Zealand, America and Australia s travelled around Italy together.  This was a wonderful experience and an opportunity to build a network of international friends and contacts – learning and sharing together.

Some of our newer groups are having a difficult time finding speakers if any of you would like to give a talk at Caboolture, Redcliffe, or Maleny, please contact me.

I thank the committee for their ongoing support in particular for the work they did in my absence, and to you all may the blessings of Christmas be yours.

With love
Jean Carroll

Presidents Report - June 2010

posted 15 Oct 2011, 22:32 by Sunshine Coast Lodge Theosophical Society Australia

Dear friends,

Our lodge has had a very busy start to the year with numerous activities which has brought us together in the spirit of building a nucleus of universal brotherhood.  Whilst our society is that nucleus which reaches out to show our community that such a thing as theosophy exists, it is we,  the members who form this nucleus of fellowship when we come together in our study groups, social events and members meetings.

It is important for each of us to be aware that there is an underlying idea of co-creating unity/brotherhood when we come together in these activities. When we are aware and strive collectively, we can form a stream of consciousness which can take ourselves and our community forward. The challenge for us as individuals is to be awake and develop this awareness in our activities together in groups (knowing ourselves as one) and most importantly to bring this awareness into our everyday lives, and then we begin to live theosophy. 

Our National President Dr Dara Tatray visited our lodge for a public meeting on 13 May. The evening got off to an excellent start with a potluck supper which we shared together and set up a very warm atmosphere to welcome Dara. We were delighted to see so many members both from our lodge, the Noosa Tewantin and Caboolture Groups plus local residents from the greater community.  Dara spoke on The Scientific Basis of Universal  Brotherhood and reminded  us that while we as members of the theosophical society are encouraged to aspire to this high ideal, that in reality there is a field  of oneness behind our manifested universe.   While this unknowable form of reality (Oneness) cannot always be expressed by our mere minds, in our moments of complete stillness we somehow identify with this magnetic force that keeps drawing us to its source.

Our weekly study group Theosophy 101 continues at Buderim prior to our weekly public meetings. I am  pleased to report that Olga Monahan has started a fortnightly daytime study group for the Tewantin Group. This new group is studying Theosophy; An Introductory Study Course revised by John Algeo from the American Section; more importantly creating another nucleus/fraternity to manifest brotherhood. 

Our Raja Yoga weekend mid April was something a little different for a Springbrook weekend, the emphasis being strongly on study.  Yvonne Malykke from the Brisbane Lodge did a superb job of giving us a quick overview of these classical teachings from The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, encouraging us to go beyond nature and see what lies behind it, with the hope that we may take the knowledge gained a step further with private study.  Springbrook Retreat Centre was calling again early May for the annual working bee organised by the Brisbane Lodge.  Fourteen people attended from the coast.    Kay and Barry were delighted with the results.  Well done everyone - not to mention the satisfaction we gained from working, playing and co-creating a fraternity of brotherhood.

May we all be aware of the potential we have to aspire to this greater consciousness as it is our consciousness that connects us as we aspire to bring theosophical ideas into our daily lives.

Kind regards


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