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The Theosophical Society is an international organization dedicated to the promotion of fellowship united in study, meditation and service. Theosophy encourages open-minded enquiry into understanding ourselves and our place in the universe. Theosophy holds that knowing our purpose we can succeed in bringing about a change to our own consciousness and take our world forward to benefit the whole.

Mr Tim Boyd   International President,The Theosophical Society

February 2016


"He [the President] has to strike that note which is needed and to which members in all parts of the world can respond in their freedom, out of their free understanding. Only in that way can there be created the necessary solidarity in a Society where every Section, Lodge and member is free to follow its or his own line, and yet there has to be unity. There has to be the spirit that will hold the body together in all its parts, and unity of action in the midst of the diversity of individual temperaments and capacities, without which the movement will stultify itself."

"The note which the President strikes has to be just that note which is needed at the moment, both by the Society and for conditions in the world in general. For what we call Theosophical work is work for the benefit of humanity, its advance in a real sense, and its welfare. It is very difficult for any one of us to know precisely what is the truth that is most needed at a particular time, and in what form it should be expressed, considering the circumstances and tendencies which obtain."

Excerpts from address by N. Sri Ram's on his re-election as President of 

the 17 February 1960 Theosophical Socity,

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Sunshine Coast Lodge holds weekly public meetings which are designed to expand your awareness on philosophy, science and world religions. All are welcome to listen, learn and share. We ask only for a gold coin donation to cover the venue hire and running costs of these meetings.
A Sunshine Coast Lodge public meeting in Buderim
The Sunshine Coast Theosophical Society Meeting Locations
The Headland Croquet Club, Syd Lingard Drive, Buderim, Qld. 4556    See map
Meets every Thursday at 7pm
ph Pam 0427-713061 on Jean on 0402- 805 127